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Neovim Plugin

Neovim httpx plugin supplies syntax highlight and command to make request call for http file.


git clone ~/.config/nvim/pack/github/start/httpx.vim

How to use?

Open index.http file and move the cursor to a request, then invoke :Httpx command. You can bind keymap with nnoremap <c-h> :Httpx<CR> and press ctrl-h to make request call.


httpx vim plugin with following abbreviations by default, and you can add more customized abbreviations.

autocmd FileType httpfile :iabbrev <buffer> hget 
\<CR>### http get

autocmd FileType httpfile :iabbrev <buffer> hpost
\<CR>### http post
\<CR>Content-Type: application/json


Neovim httpx

Neovim RPC testing

To help Neovim users to test Neovim RPC API, and you can use NIVM to test Nvim RPC.

  • Start Nvim with RPC service: nvim --listen
  • Call nvim_comand_name from NVIM as following:
### nvim request
NVIM nvim_buf_set_lines
Content-Type: application/json

[0, 0, 0, true, ["hello"]]
  • Test nvim_exec_lua with Lua code:
### nvim Lua exec
NVIM nvim_exec_lua
Content-Type: text/x-lua


The default connect server is If you want to change target server, please add Host: target_host:6666.