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Httpx JetBrains Plugin

Httpx JetBrains plugin is based on JetBrains HTTP Client, and it's a very powerful. If you don't know about it, please click

With Httpx plugin you can test difference services from IDE directly, yes, just one click.

Please search httpx in IDE's plugin manager, install and have a try.

For more about the Httpx JetBrains plugin, please click

X-JSON-Type Header

X-JSON-Type a HTTP header with light JSON Schema DSL, and it has been introduced to supply completion and validation for json data.


JSON Schema DSL supplies two data styles: object and tuple.

X-JSON-Type: {name:string, age:number}
X-JSON-Type: [{ name:string, age:number, email?:string }, string]

Data types as following:

  • object: {id:number, name:string}
  • tuple: [string, number, {id:number, name:string}]
  • array: string[]
  • primitive type: string, object, integer, number, 1..100(range), boolean, date-time, time, date, email, hostname, ipv4, ipv6, uuid, uri

Some screenshots as following:

  • Test GitHub GraphQL API

GitHub GraphQL API

  • Test Apache Thrift Service

GitHub GraphQL API

  • Test to send Kafka message

GitHub GraphQL API