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Tutorial Intro

Let's discover httpx in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Please install httpx from

If you are Mac user, please use brew install httpx-sh/tap/httpx to install httpx.

Create index.http file

Create a simple index.http file with following code:

#!/usr/bin/env httpx --httpfile

### get my internet ip
# @name myip

Then you can input httpx myip to invoke http request. Or you can input chmod u+x index.http then execute ./index.http myip

How httpx to find http file?

  • http file assigned by -f or --httpfile option
  • httpx will look index.http by default if no http file assigned
  • If httpx can not find index.http in current directory, and it will look index.http in parent directory until root directory.
  • If index.http not found in parent directory chain, and it will try to find ~/.servicex/index.http as default index.http

Environment variables overwrite?

httpx supports to load environment variables from http-client.env.json and http-client.private.env.json, and compatible with JetBrains HTTP Client plugin. For some cases, you want to overwrite environment variables from command line, and you can use --name=value option. For example, you have a http request:

### fetch user detail
//@name user

you can use httpx user --id=111 to overwrite id value from http-client.env.json.


  • Space style: --id xxx not allowed, and you should use --id=xxx
  • Reserved variables: list, data, summary, and they are option names for httpx CLI

HTTP file syntax

Please refer