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· One min read
Libing Chen

httpx对Apache RocketMQ进行了更新,其实主要在Httpx插件增加了对RocketMQ的支持。 当然httpx命令行之前由于GraalVM Native Image的一些bug,导致了RocketMQ的消息消费不能正常工作,这个在新的httpx 0.34.0的版本已经进行了修复。


### publish rocketmq message
//@name rocketmq-pub
PUB testTopic
URI: rocketmq://localhost:9876
Content-Type: application/json

"name": "Jackie"


### consume rocketmq message
//@name rocketmq-sub
SUB testTopic
URI: rocketmq://localhost:9876

· One min read
Libing Chen

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 EAP 5 has GraphQL support in the HTTP client, and schema extension is supported too.

GraphQL over WebSocket

GRAPHQL ws://localhost:8080/graphql
Content-Type: application/graphql

subscription demo{ greetings }

GraphQL over RSocket

Current schemas for RSocket are: rsocket for tcp, rsocketws for WS and rsocketwss for WSS.

GRAPHQL rsocketws://localhost:8080/rsocket/graphql

query demo {
bookById(id: "book-1") {
author {

You should install RSocket JetBrains plugin first to try GraphQL over RSocket with JetBrains IDE.

· One min read
Libing Chen

Hi, I'm linux_china, and I developed a httpx CLI app to help you to test your services easily.

  • HTTP REST Service
  • gRPC
  • RSocket
  • GraphQL

And more integrations are on the way, and I hopefully expect you enjoy this cli.